Convocation Day


Convocation Day

Live Streaming:

Session 1

Session 2

Brief Programme:

Upon arrival at WTC on Convocation Day, please follow the directional signs leading to the Assembly Area on Level 4. Ensure you are in full attire, including the Convocation Robe (Gown, Hood & Mortar Board). Convocation Marshals will guide graduates to stand in the queue based on the Blue Cue Card collected during the Robe Collection Day on October 18, 2024 (Friday)

All briefings will be provided exclusively at the assembly areas on the Convocation Day. Please be remind that there will be no rehearsals before the event. It is important to follow all the instructions given by the Convocation Marshals, who are designated officers of the University specifically assigned to assist you during the ceremony.

Inside the convocation hall, the Technical Team will provide graduates with a Swipe Card according to the queue number before going to the stage. When approaching the stage, it is mandatory to surrender the Swipe Card to the Technical Team to ensure that your name and program details will be displayed on the screen.

Sample of Blue Cue Card

Sample of Swipe Card

Convocation Attire

  • All Graduates are requested to observe the following Dress Code for the Convocation ceremony: Graduates are advised to be properly attired as befits the occasion.
  • Please observe the following dress code:
    • Dark coloured lounge suit with matching tie for men.
    • Decent attire for official functions for ladies.
    • Decent attire for official functions for ladies.
    • Dark coloured shoes so that it harmonises with the academic dress.
  • Please note that corsages should not be worn on the academic dress. Graduates who do not comply with the above dress code may not be allowed to enter the Convocation Hall.
  • Graduates not wearing the complete academic attire will not be allowed to participate in the Convocation.
  • All Guests are expected to be suitably attired preferably in batik/lounge suit/national wear for gentlemen whereas ladies have also to be properly attired for the occasion. Those who are not properly attired may not be allowed to enter the Convocation Hall.

Example of dress code:

Roll Call of Graduates on Convocation Day - 19th October 2024

Graduates are requested to report to Convocation Marshals stationed at the Graduates Assembly Area on Level 4 as details below:

  • Session 1 : 7.30 - 8.30 am
  • Session 2 : 12.30 - 1.30 pm

Graduates are advised to arrive early to avoid potential traffic congestion and parking issue. Additionally, it is recommended that you have your breakfast or lunch before entering the Convocation Hall. Please be remind that refreshments (except water) are not permitted inside the hall.

Please refer to the floor plan below for your guideline on the convocation day. All graduates are required to assemble at the assembly area as shown below.

Guest Passes

Each graduate will receive TWO (2) COMPLIMENTARY GUEST PASSES for entry into the Convocation Hall upon confirming their attendance. For those unable to enter the hall, a live recording of the event will be shown via Live Feed at a designated area—please follow the signage for directions.

Should you require additional guest pass, kindly reach out to our Convocation team via email at Extra passes will be confirmed and distributed only on the robe collection day on October 18, 2024 (Friday). Please note that children below the age of 12 years WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the Convocation Hall.

Ceremony Proper

During the ceremony, please observe the following:

  • Please remain seated and maintain silence throughout the ceremony.
  • Ensure that your mobile phones are turned off or set to silent mode at all times.
  • Professional photographers have been hired to capture your on-stage moments during the Convocation ceremony.
  • Graduates who are not wearing the complete academic attire will not be permitted to participate in the Convocation.
  • Guests may take photographs or videos from their seats only.

Please follow all instructions provided by the Convocation Marshals for a smooth and orderly ceremony.

During the ceremony

Proper decorum must be maintained throughout the Convocation ceremony and graduates are not permitted to leave the hall during the ceremony. When the announcement of Academic Processions is made, graduates are required to stand until the members of the Academic Processions are seated. The same protocol applies when the Processions leave the Hall after the ceremony.

Conduct While Receiving The Degree

You will be briefed on the process before the commencement of the Graduates Procession for each session. Please follow the instructions of the Marshals.

Collection of the Certificate, Transcript and e-Convocation Book

Graduands of the Academic Programmes will receive their certificates and transcripts based on the Senate approval date. These certificates and transcripts will be ready TWO (2) months after Senate approval date. Graduands are required to fill out the Convocation Form to facilitate the process of issuance the certificate and transcript. The certificates will be couriered to the address provided in the Convocation Form. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to ensure that your information and postal address provided in the Convocation Form is up-to-date.

Graduands of the SPEED Programmes (include Executive Programmes and Professional Programmes) are advised to directly communicate with your respective learning providers for the collection of the certificates and transcripts.