Attendance Confirmation

Confirmation of Attendance

Graduates are kindly requested to confirm their attendance by visit the Convocation website. Click on the ‘Confirm Attendance’ tab and navigate to the 'Graduate Confirm Attendance Form & Queue Number’ section at the bottom of this page and fill in the required information. Please ensure to fill in all the information and upload the receipt or proof of payment details before 23rd September 2024 (Monday).

REMINDER : Failure to confirm and register by 23rd September 2024 (Monday), will result in your being denied to participate in the convocation ceremony.

Kindly ensure that there are NO OUTSTANDING FEES in your AeU Account to ensure eligibility for participation in the Convocation ceremony. You can refer to your Statement of Account (SOA) or contact your respective learning provider for verification. If Graduates encounter difficulties in confirming their attendance via the AeU Convocation Website, they may contact the Convocation committee by emailing their inquiries to:

Academic Programme :
Speed Programme :

To ensure the smooth running of this ceremony, we kindly request your cooperation in completing the Convocation Form, which includes your personal details, a passport-sized photo, current mailing address and upload the receipt or proof of payment details. The confirmation of ATTENDANCE for the convocation will be CLOSED after 23rd September 2024 (Monday).

Please refer to the sample below for your reference:


Facing forward & looking straight to the camera

Do not look away from the camera

Clear and near to the camera

Do not take photo with full body & far from the camera

Clear and facing to the camera

Do not cover your eyes & face with anything

Side photo with clear resolution

Photo should not blur

For those who have not submitted a passport-size photo, we will use a black & white shadow as your photo

Graduate Confirm Attendance Form & Queue Number

To confirm your attendance, please use the search below:

Do and Donts

Contact Us

For any enquiries, you may contact us as below :

Convocation Matters

  • Email :
  • Whatsapp : To Be Confirm
  • Direct Line :
    • - Mr. Najmi: +03-5022 3473  
    • - Ms. Izza: +603-5022 3474  
    • - Mr. Ridzuan: +603 5022 3472

Finance Matters

Alumni & Tracer Study Matters

  • Email :
  • Contact Person :
    • - Ms. Swa Lee Lee : +603-5022 3451

Transcript & Certificate Matters

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  • Direct Line :
    • +603-5022 3492
    • +603-5022 3490
    • +603-5022 3489
    • +603-5022 3487

SPEED, Executive, Professional Programme

Please directly contact your learning provider or you may email to: or contact Ms. Nurin / Ms. Zuriayati +603 5022 3459

Certificate Matters:
Please directly liaise with your learning provider.