Asia e University offers you its heartiest congratulations on the successful completion of your studies! We will do our best to ensure that your Graduation Ceremony will be a joyous and memorable occasion to celebrate your success with your family, fellow students and friends. Asia e University appreciates your full cooperation in making your Graduation Ceremony a big success

13TH AeU Convocation schedule:

Saturday, 19th October 2024

World Trade Centre (WTC), formerly known as Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur

Convocation Ceremony (October 2024)

On the 18th of October 2024 (Friday), we have scheduled the Robe collection for graduates, with the physical convocation tentatively set for the 19th of October 2024 (Saturday). However, in the event of a surge in COVID 19 cases during this period, there is a possibility that we may need to transition to a virtual convocation.

Past Graduates

Asia e University is delighted to formally extend an invitation to all AeU Graduates from previous years who were unable to attend their Convocation, providing them with the opportunity to participate in the 13th AeU Convocation 2024 ceremony. This is an opportunity to celebrate your outstanding achievement, showcasing the culmination of your tireless dedication, perseverance, and hard work throughout several semesters. For further details and to confirm your participation, please contact our Convocation Team via email at

For all AeU Alumni intending to attend the upcoming Convocation ceremony, please be informed that the Convocation package includes the rental of Graduation Robes and Stage Photos. However, it's important to note that the names of past graduates will not be included in the 13th AeU Convocation 2024 book, as they have already been documented in the convocation books of previous years.

Convocation Package

There will be a Graduation Package Fee of RM 500 (Local) / USD 300 (International) which includes the following items:

Graduation Fees (Processing & Administration)

Rental of Graduation Attire i.e. Gown, Hood, Mortar Board

Photograph session consist of:
a) Stage Receiving Scroll (1 Copy 8R, 1 copy 6R)
b) Softcopy

For Graduates not attending the Convocation ceremony, an Administrative Fee of RM300 (Local Graduate) / USD 70 will be charged to cover the cost of certificates and transcripts, which will be couriered to your postal address in phases. Kindly ensure that you have updated your postal address accordingly.

Past graduates who have paid RM300 (Local) / USD 70 (International) for cost of the certificate & transcripts and wish to attend this year convocation may require to top up RM200 (Local) / USD 230 (International)

Download the manual guide here.

Parking Facilities

There are sufficient parking spaces available at WTC, Kuala Lumpur on Convocation day at the rate of RM12 for Graduates with parking coupon. If needed, you may collect the parking coupon from the AeU Convocation Secretariat at the Customer Service & Merchandise Booth at Level 4, WTC, Kuala Lumpur. To avoid traffic congestion during Robe Collection Day and Convocation Day, we strongly recommend considering public transport as your preferred option. Please note that we are not responsible for any penalties or compounds for undesignated parking.

Special Needs

The University is committed to facilitating the participation and enjoyment of the Convocation ceremony for individuals with special needs or disabilities. If you or your guests require special arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at for the necessary arrangement. Our Convocation Team will reach out to you to confirm the details of the arrangements.

University Merchandise And Memorabilia

Asia e University is pleased to offer Graduates and guest a diverse selection of university merchandise, memorabilia, and limited-edition items, all of which will be available for purchase on Robe Collection Day and Convocation Day.

Robe Collection Day

Friday, 18th October 2024 (9.00 am – 6.00 pm)

Customer Service & Merchandise Booth at Level 5, WTC, Kuala Lumpur

Convocation Day

Saturday, 19th October 2024 (8.00 am – 7.00 pm)

Customer Service & Merchandise Booth at Level 4, WTC, Kuala Lumpur